Configure O3 Your Way
Configure the Vital Signs form

Modify the Vital Signs Form

In some cases, you may want or need to use a specific form (e.g. an existing Triage Assessment Form) as a replacement for the out-of-the-box Vital Signs app's structured form. In that case, you will instruct the esm-patient-vitals-app to leverage a particular form that you have already set up. (For more information on setting up forms in O3, see the section Forms in O3).

Sample Config

"@openmrs/esm-patient-vitals-app": {
  "vitals": {
    "useFormEngine": true,
    "formName": "Surgical Operation",
    "formUuid": "96637f12-3c04-311f-b477-3fa6a866e895",
    "encounterTypeUuid": "67a71486-1a54-468f-ac3e-7091a9a79584"